Established in Vancouver, Washington, Realvest was founded in 1969 by Paul Christensen.  We are a fully integrated real estate investment and development company. Realvest has owned, managed and developed a large diversified portfolio of multifamily, commercial, retail, hospitality, marinas and storage facilities. Our primary focus is owning quality apartment communities within the northwest and providing outstanding service to our residents. We value our relationships and our reputation for providing superior returns for our partners and contributing to the communities in which we serve.

Our company has managed successfully through all cycles of real estate.  We have endured the tough times and celebrate the present. We take pride in our properties, our level of service and our group of long-term, skilled and dedicated associates who have made Realvest the success it is today.

Realvest has maintained a strong commitment to enriching our community through its financial support, resources and visionary leadership.  We are known for our active involvement with local charitable organizations that make a positive impact in our community.  Paul Christensen was selected Vancouver, Washington's 1998 First Citizen for his vision and community leadership.  Realvest also founded the Hough Foundation in 1992 which continues to actively support underprivileged elementary school children by providing access to beneficial enrichment programs, social services and meaningful classroom assistance.

Realvest is positioned to continue beyond its current leaders as a perpetual company designed to continue investing in apartments and contributing to the local Vancouver community.